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Answers to Questions by Prospective Clients of Attorney Charles S. Butler (Based on Ohio Law);
(Persons with questions about events which occurred in states other than Ohio should consult with an attorney licensed to practice in those states):

Q. What is Unlawful Sexual Harassment?

A. When you are asked to provide sexual favors or are subjected to unwanted physical touching, assault, pornography or vulgar sexual remarks or questions from a supervisor, coworker, customer or client, you may have been a victim of sexual harassment and have the right to sue for compensation.

Q. What is Employment Discrimination?

A. When you are fired, denied a promotion or pay raise, paid less for identical work, or are not hired because of your gender, race/color, age (over 40), disability/handicap, nationality or religion or because you complained about or offered to testify about such discrimination, (retaliation), you may have been a victim of employment discrimination.

Q. What is Malpractice?

A. When you are injured, physically or financially, by a professional person or organization which has not adhered to the standards of the profession as determined by their peers, you may have been a victim of malpractice. Professionals and organizations which may be sued for malpractice within one year of your injury or loss include: doctors, hospitals, nurses, dentists, chiropractors, nursing homes, accountants and lawyers.

Q. Do I need a lawyer to prepare a Last Will, Living Will, Living Trust, Power of Attorney, Heath Care Power of Attorney, Estate Plan, Premarital Agreement, or to handle the Probate of an Estate?

A. Probably yes, unless you prefer to remove your own appendix. An experienced lawyer can use the documents listed above and others to make sure that your preferences and desires are followed when you become seriously disabled or die. The use of a lawyer in these situations can eliminate or lower probate costs, reduce estate taxes, avoid fights between your heirs, and make sure that your property goes to your children or designated heirs if your marriage is ended by divorce or death.

Q. Do I need a lawyer for a Workers' Compensation or Social Security claim?

A. Not always, but people who use lawyers for these claims often receive larger benefits at an earlier date including benefits which would otherwise not have been received because of opposition by employers, the government or because the claimant did not even know such benefits were available.

Q. What is the At Will Employment Doctrine?

A. It is a rule created by Courts in Ohio which permits employers to discharge employees who do not have an employment contract at any time, without any warning, and with no reason for so doing. This rule also permits employees to quit their jobs at any time without warning. However, employees who are discharged without good cause may still have claims for unemployment compensation, whistleblowing, age discrimination, sex discrimination, race discrimination, handicap discrimination, nationality discrimination, religious discrimination, workers' compensation, or retaliation against them by their employer for having made one of the above claims or offering to serve as a witness for another employee who has made such a claim.

Q. What is a Promissory Estoppel?

A. It is a rule created by courts which provides an exception to Ohio's At Will Employment Doctrine. It means that although you do not have a written employment contract, under the proper circumstances, a court may require your employer to honor its promise to you of permanent or continuing employment based upon satisfactory performance. You may contact Attorney Charles S. Butler at 216-691-9959 for a full explanation of the above at no cost or email him at [email protected].

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